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Design Development Paid Search

Stare Straight

We got that groove

TIGI is a brand of hair care products designed by top UK hair stylists Tony and Guy. YELLOW7 was hired to design and develop a series of microsites aimed at showcasing the TIGI Cosmetics and Bed Head lines.


TIGI wanted to develop branded content sites that live outside of their company homepage. These independent sites would be created for anchoring and supporting branded campaigns.


YELLOW7 created a series of microsites for TIGI Cosmetics and Bed Head with a social campaign component designed to filter relevant traffic and drive conversions. By sending traffic to highly relevant landing pages and microsites, rather than the TIGI Homepage, we were able to prevent traffic dilution / distraction keeping customers in-front of the message they were initially targeted by.

Design Development Social

Let's get Social

2 billion active users every single month can't be ignored.

The average Millennial checks their phone over 157 times per day. From conception to deployment to reporting and analysis we make sure your brand is where your audience is.

Your social media pressence is a direct link to your brand identity, thus making it our priority to positively promote your brand by managing your multi-faceted social media platform.

Strategy Design Development

The Reward is the Point

The Points are the Reward

We delivered what TIGI wanted: A loyalty program for salons and styling professionals to track brand loyalty, purchase history, point accumulation and redemption.


Needed a mechanism to track and fulfill loyalty program into a points-based system. Typically the points are earned in store and redeemed online – these systems had to work seamlessly


Many elements played into the way loyalty members accumulated points such as duration in the program, member level etc. Loyalty programs are difficult to manage so this system need to SIMPLIFY


Developed a central database for both in-store earning and online redeeming that ran a custom algorithm to track earnings by member level as well as deduct them in real-time from their total when redeemed


Salon owners and manager website engagement increased 300% due to streamlined loyalty program accumulation and redemption